My Magic Power

Recently, I’ve discovered something really interesting…

I have a magic power. Can you guess what it is? I have the power to stop the time. Really.



Since I was kid, I was always wondering which super power could be possibly attributed to me. I discovered it yesterday. I take photographs of gorgeous human beings and I could give them the possibility to stop the time to cherish those moment. I see beauty everywhere I go, but the moment I click on the press-release button of my camera is the moment I freeze the instant. I freeze the emotion & capture the love, the memories. This shot was taken earlier in the month, it was a crazy shoot!


Each time you will take a photo of someone you know, even if the person does not look as fabulous they’d like on the image, always learn to appreciate what you’ve got and share it. Appreciate the one who loves you because you don’t know what could happen  to them tomorrow. So, I challenge you to take your camera and go photograph someone you know. Memories will stay forever. You don’t want to miss that chance!

Hugs and good luck with the little challenge,

Cindy Melissa Boisvert
photographer xox



modern charm


i didn’t shoot since last january ( 5 months from now!). i was so excited about  doing this shoot that i knew i had to do something really cool. chloé (this beautiful model) and i always wanted to shoot together, so i contacted her and we were more than happy to start brandstorming for ideas! it was the first time i shooted on a rainy day outside. even thought, i know it isn’t good for my camera since it’s not waterproof, but i knew i had to do it.

since i wanted to experience something new, i said why not. after choosing the outfits and doing the makeup: we went outside and started to shoot! i can’t tell you how much fun it was, we laughed and really had a great time.

model: chloé manseau-lafond

love, cindy