Are you or have been a young artist? You have probably experienced in some way or another that people do not always trust you because you are young. After, the feeling you get about not being well judged frustrates you. Have you ever felt that way? Well I did a few times and I know that some of my friends  does too. Respect is so much important in our daily life. Does age come out as something really important in the world’s art? I don’t think so and I’ll explain why.

Model: my little brother Nicholas Photographer: Cindy Melissa Boisvert

Model: my little brother Nicholas
Photographer: Cindy Melissa Boisvert

Being young is a way to say: ” This is my way to start something. Yes. I can try a new interest. I can do it. I believe in myself and if I like what I do, I’ll keep doing what I love.”. Some people does not always understand that. This is the sad part of it.  As an 18 year old self, I have a quick tip to spread to you : those type of person who doesn’t believe in your power as artist are like chains keeping you from progressing. You have to ignore them and don’t let them the chance to destroy you. Respect is an important way in believing in ourselves and in making you grow. This is the logical way to think… trust me!!

Think about it. What if you believe everything people say? What if… you’re actually good and could become the star of the next generation?! You don’t know what the future has to offer you and it’s not because someone told you bad things about yourself, you should stop!

Please, I will tell this more than a million time, look for people having the same beliefs as yourself and throw the community you don’t need & you don’t deserve to the garbage. Really. This is a way for you to see the world in a new angle and you will have more ease to see life. The only one right to judge is you, so please make some time to study yourself.

Are you self-respected?

I invite you to share this article with anyone you know as young artist! I know lots of friends who would need to read this article, because respect is important. Remember to choose wisely the right circle of friends, business and family. To become a great or incredible artist, you have to believe in yourself and understand that people will not  always be open for you. This is something I learned and will keep helping me in the near future.


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Cindy xx


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