Working with Carmen was something amazing. This talented girl has such an easy and lovely personality that everything was rolling very fast: it was so fun!! The shoot has been set at the end of June around my neighborhood. We had nothing in mind, but we followed our heart &  inspiration…  don’t worry: I had more ideas during the photo shoot.

Sunny and beautiful day, this is what I remember from that day. Even thought we had some “bugs” problem and it was kind of hot, nothing was more powerless than the windy breeze feeling and the strong  & positive energy that this unique beauty showed up to me.

Enjoy these photographs, let me know what you think by writing in the comment section below!

With love, xo

Model: Carmen Lupsac from Angie’s Model & Talent

Photographer/ Makeup: Cindy Melissa Boisvert


_DSC3979 _DSC3949-2 _DSC3916 _DSC3911 12 18 mod1011 14 16 17



4mod 20


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