be a children everyday


No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile. Pursuit to be happy only laughing like a child. I never thought life would be this sweet. It got me cheesing from cheek to cheek.

-Mac Miller

Between romantic TV shows and  watching my little brother playing with his car around me, I understood something we tend so much to forget. I found something that was common between these two activities: the way to laugh and enjoy life. In my yesterday post, where you can clic here if you haven’t read it yet, I briefly explained how little things do matter and do change us in a positive way. Be childish on your everyday life by the way you act, you breath,  you eat and you anything!

Here are 10 tips to embrace your inner child;

  1. Retry the things you loved doing as a kid. Such things include going to the playground, the toy aisle or a cartoon movie session.
  2. Stop obsessing over the small things. Kids are carefree! Let go of worries and see if the world around you tumbles. You’ll be surprised that it doesn’t. And maybe you’ll regain some clarity and perspective.
  3. Kids are able to feel something intensely and then move on quickly from it. Try it. Feel what you feel without judging the feeling (“I shouldn’t feel this way”) so that you can move on from that feeling without holding onto it. It works!
  4. If you have kids (or have little sisters or brothers like I do!), do the stuff they like to do. Swing with them or trick-or-treat with them. Look at the world through their eyes. Build castles and mud highways with them. Get dirty, blow bubbles, toss balls over the neighbor’s fence and fetch them back sheepishly. Jump rope and eat snack-sized puddings.
  5. Stop obsessing over calories. Have a lollipop. Have a chocolate fudge coated something that looks so fattening it just screams “eat me”. Run around madly afterwards as a kid would do and you’ll soon burn off those calories!
  6. Never say the phrase “I’m too old”. Try “I’m in my middle youth” instead.
  7. Turn everyday chores into something fun;
    • Cleaning your room? Dance to some music.
    • Doing the laundry? Lie in the basket of warm laundry; well, your head at least!!
    • Decorating? Paint rude words on the wall before you hang the wallpaper over it.
    • Doing the garden? Get yourself dirty. This is what you can do to bring out the inner kid in yourself.
    • Cooking for supper? Gather some creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Mix weird tastes for a different culinary delight.
  8. Be easy-going! When you talk to someone about a subject, don’t be scared to talk about something completely different! You will feel less worried and you will feel joy throught your feet!
  9. Meet new people each day! You don’t need to feel pressure on because you do it for fun. When you go buy your meal, don’t be scared to talk to the workers behind the counter! Enjoy talking with them and talk about anything. Talk to someone you would never thought of! Create a bigger social network!
  10. Come back to Earth gently. Sure, you will eventually have to return to responsible adulthood. But learn from the fun that childhood teaches. Learn to always cast back your memory to fun childhood times and the things that made you feel safe, fulfilled and happy. Build on those memories in a way that allows you to be the responsible adult influenced for the better by the carefree child inside.

Being a child means being fun, being spontaneous and being creative. You don’t stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun. Just remember, you can embrace your inner as long as you want. Don’t let the adult world make you grow out of loving the happiness and freedom of a child. What do YOU do to find your inner child? Share your favorite childish and enjoyable moments!

Model:  Camille Brochu-Lafrance

Photographer:  Myself (follow me HERE)


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