The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
– William Morris

When I took this photo, back to 2011, I realized how much small things could take so much meaning in our lives. I don’t say they make a big miracle, but the consciousness to pay attention about simple and small things in our existence can have a major and positive impact on us. Ask yourself when was the last time you stopped, I really mean STOPPED and started to care about little and silly things? This genuine world is full of wonders. This world is beautiful and this is what it makes so powerful.

We tend to say to be SO busy with work, family and friends…  and it may be true!  If we could pay attention to each things that surrounds us, don’t you think you would feel much happier? We must enjoy everything  we find around, because life is a beauty. Be genuine and appreciate the world you have. Love is a true value, not only for romance but also for all kind of appreciation you can find.

Are you genuine star? Yes I said it right!  What are your thoughts? What is YOUR experience like? Don’t you know that little precious moment you loved to see or feel? Feel free to leave a comment or sharing this post!


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